The Ultimate Skincare Guide For Men

Posted by Cala Products on Jun 10th 2021

Father's Day is approaching! Let us help you take the stress out of shopping for the perfect gift. Give your special guy something that has him saying, "Wow!".

Our Father’s Day, Best Seller List is very inclusive and curated with every type of dad in mind. We have something for athletics, skincare fanatics, cool dads, and more. All of our products are wallet-friendly and created using the highest quality materials and ingredients. We are sure you'll be able to find something that checks all the boxes on your list! So let's dive right in and make sure to thank us later.

The Early Bird

What do you get the guy that's up and at 'em before the sun comes up? Simple. You help amplify his routine and give him the tools he needs to kick start his day.

First thing first: Cooling Face Wash infused with Eucalyptus and Charcoal. The perfect touch of freshness that will wake him up and get his day started. Our Cala For Men Cooling Face Wash deeply clears away dirt without drying out the skin, providing healthy-looking and fresh skin. Use in combination with our Men’s Dual Action Facial Cleansing Brush for those days where he needs to go a bit harder.

Next up, he's going to need something to keep him cool during his workout. The Cala for Men Mesh Cooling Towel is the perfect gym accessory. It will help him stay cool and refreshed when he needs it the most. Just soak in water, squeeze out the excess, and toss it around the neck for a quick cool down. He will love you even more, when he sees this towel inside his gift box.

On The Go

For your guy that's always on the go, a quick and easy clean-up is essential. Upgrade the way he cares for his body with CALA for Men Face & Body Wipes. Choose from scents like Refreshing Mint, Cooling Eucalyptus, and Purifying Charcoal. Sure to become an instant Hit, get all three varieties and let him pick his favorite!

Grooming Guru

We all know the guy that's looking his best no matter the time of day. These are the things perfectly suited for him.

Gotta' smell good — start him off with our Bath & Spa Products that will keep him looking fine ( Pumice Stone, Exfoliating Towel, and Body Scrubber Duo).

For facial care, you can't go wrong with our CALA for Men Touch-up Razors and Deep Cleansing Nose Strips. Trim up those edges and deep cleanse those pores!

And since we're talking about self-care, hair products are a must - we recommend our Classic Oval Dark Wood Brush. An eco-friendly way to keep hair looking great!